What is Paper Cosmos?

Paper Cosmos is a daily writing site. Every day you start fresh, and the site tracks your overall writing progress. Your work from previous days is still available if you want to view or edit it.

Everything is private by default, but if you choose to share your story you can generate a link you can send to anyone. Anyone reading your story can comment (they don't need to be a member of the site), so it is a great way to get feedback on your writing.

Since your writing progress is tracked (Words Per Minutes, Total Words Written, and more), it can also be fun to share those stats with others. Need to be held accountable for writing a certain amount? Share a link to your daily writing with someone, and then can see exactly how much work you put in.

What's with the name?

Cosmos (universes) written on paper. There are a lot of stories locked up in your mind. Write them down!

What if I want to share my stories?

Here is a sample story (an excerpt from the Wheel of Time) so you can see what it will look like if you choose to share any of your stories with others. All daily writes are private by default.

Writing and Stats Display Sample

Ok I love it, what now?

That's the easy part!

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